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Crystals, clinging to education

      Shuhuazhixiang, crystals. Pujiang crystal glass industry from a string of beads started, development today has become the largest crystal craft products sales, processing base and raw material distribution center. At present, has the production enterprise more than 2000 employees, more than 50000 people, the year sales more than 3 billion yuan, sales crystal glass raw material of more than 40000 tons, the crystal glass handicraft in the national market share of 70%, products cover the domestic major cities and markets, but also sells in distant markets overseas. Pujiang vocational technical school investment of 169 million, covers an area of 243 mu, with crystal technology and design, craft, crystal mechanical processing, automobile, fine of twelve professional 95 teaching classes, the number of students in 4300 more than person, staff 258 people, is a national level key secondary vocational school. It was established in 2006 with crystal process design, 2010 HuoPing zhejiang province secondary vocational school demonstration training base. The national economy, pujiang county 1025 plan of the development of vocational education to clear guidelines for writing, and put forward some Suggestions: the employment as the guidance, further adjust and improve vocational school professional setting, vigorously develop comply with local industry characteristics of mechanical and electrical, crystal technology and design major, do good province professional and provincial demonstrative model practice base, crystal gifts and keep the vocational and regular college include the balance. Melts the culture, construct crystal technology and design professional training system; Show trait, the implementation of project teaching and market zero distance standards. Relying on pujiang traditional culture, with culture, professional course, job leads the features of teaching mode of professional training for guidance, to establish a regional characteristic school running mechanism; The initiative and local crystal industry hook, the integrated, and vocational education brand, form, distinctive culture creativity strong, open, strong artistic quality of crystal technology and design major, walk the road of the professional school.
      CaoGuoHua-the principal
      Two walked into the industry, the active service area economy. The school has invested 315 WanXingJian crystal technology and design professional training base, initially forming a complete set of crystal technology training facilities, to be specific: experiments have places, training have base, ensure crystal process design, production process and teaching research activities. Crystal process is born, mu bath the fire water and become, the process from room temperature to 1000 degrees heat present a different state. In different temperature area can bring different creative design elements, form different of the process. According to this characteristic, our main product innovation and technology from the two pieces of categories as established practice base of China. At present, the practice base built design basis, clay sculpture, carving wax technology, light industry, polished, kiln system process studio, the school also specially set up product "research and development center" and crystal art exhibition hall, for the teachers and students to provide reference for the study and research of places. The full implementation of the school personnel training development planning, follow the secondary education and labor force shift in training, foreign technology service and the policy, the one is the degree education, to cultivate high-quality workers. Three years, craft art class specialized degree education development in the number to 1500; crystal laser  The class number up to 30 teachers teaching classes or more, according to my county economic characteristics, the key to process and design professional crystal, the certification, students rate 100%, among them the certification, intermediate adornment art rate of more than 90%. 2 it is facing market and service area economy. In the past three years, face the county town of laid-off workers and rural surplus labor force, and carry out technical training and professional skill appraisal, the labor force shift. From the current year training and appraisal primary mechanic gradually achieve the years training all kinds of mechanic of more than 1000 people, the primary work appraisal of more than 700 people, intermediate work appraisal of more than 300 people, carry out the crystal glass sculpture, crystal design, mechanical maintenance, computer graphics, image processing project training.
      Three from culture, reveal a major characteristic. Crystal glass, known as the "beautiful incarnate" say, exquisitely carved, glittering and translucent and flawless, Edward Chen, time excessive colour, highly entertaining and practical. It is this extremely easily into the traditional cultural characteristics of painting and calligraphy, which laid the foundation of the construction of our professional: taking the culture lead, walk the road of development characteristics. Handicraft industry from belong to the creative industry. We in the course design, one is to strengthen the cultural and creative role, with crystal industry professional group of professional technical requirement, build wide basis, live module teaching mode of technical secondary school, in view of the new techniques, new technologies are constantly emerging, develop new course, writing, school-based teaching material, establish harmony foundation view, comprehensive view, and practice for the integration of the course construction mode. 2 it is based on the project and organization practice, strengthen the management goal, to handicraft creation and market implementation projects for the teaching content, outstanding design forms and economic environment, and the combination of exercise students professional post ability. At the same time, build a high-quality teachers, double division full-time teachers of 90%. At present, there are professional full-time teachers 19 people, including super teacher 1 person, two senior titles, senior professional qualification certificate of the five people. crystal products  Teachers' a strong lineup, most young teacher, be full of a pioneering spirit. Steadily improving teaching quality, optimize the teaching resources, connecting ZheShiDa academy of fine arts, such as gold vocational-technical college junior colleges, universities, invite university professors guidance, the diversified school-running, innovative secondary professional teaching mode. Simulation enterprise project operation mode, brought about by a new feeling. With project as the import, and intuitive graphics and theories of teaching, creative design and production method, to help all students to practice, and to work-integrated learning, smooth the transition. In recent years, we explore the school-enterprise cooperation and so on many kinds of school running form. The main and provincial crystal craft products association, pujiang crystal leading enterprise-day long crystal jewel Co., LTD, fairy China lighting Co., LTD cooperation in the professional construction direction, curriculum setting, equipment and technical strength to make their support. Open up outside the crystal processing Co., LTD, pujiang industrial arts company, girl gift factory, pujiang art museum, BaiShiYuan art sketch base and so on training places, to develop the teaching and training, take "going out", "please come in" measures, invite the employing unit school held a "employment negotiation meeting", ensure that more than 95% of the students get full employment.
      Four enterprises complementary, seamless docking, more traditional industry with pujiang ascension closely. In recent years, the higher leadership to the professional seriously, and send in the great expectations: in September 2009 provincial department of education BaoXueJun deputy commissioner of school inspection, praised the achievements of the school in recent years, and points out that the local industry standards for professional characteristics, a clear direction for school caught the opportune time, for local economic construction to make more contribution. In January 2010, the county government XianRenDa special called the county economy and technology development zone, crystal handicraft association and pujiang crystal leading enterprise to school investigation practice base, a professional presentation for national-level enterprises XianRenDa ZhangJianWen director of development at the meeting in school crystal professional given the full affirmation, and stresses the government is DaTai, act in an opera in between, the occupational education into the county industry advance engineering. My school the crystal technology and design major is art and craft in professional launched based on up. Founded in early, we would have made the bold practice, to be the first to explore the construction of the courage of professional road, china crystal  2000 years teaching achievement "to adapt to the need of market economy, vocational education subject do good professional" won second prize results issued by provincial people's government. According to the market demand, has opened the crystal technology and design, art design, commodity oil painting, comprehensive art (article, the principle and recruit), and other related professionals, and this will determine our professional development for key professional. In 1994, education is recognized as one of the first city of jinhua professional vocational focus in 2004, was named as the city demonstration again professional, has two times is evaluated the advanced professional within 24 hours. In 2007, the zhejiang province as secondary craft art professional research big group of vice director of the school, 2009 crystal technology and design professional zhejiang province as demonstration professional, 2010 crystal technology and design professional training base zhejiang province as professional training base demonstration. Graduate students across the country, art design categories is the same, according to not complete count, in the craft art industry as a technician 85%, crystal glass industries accounted for 60%. ZhangQing similar schools learn after graduation, from small glass bead processing the start to crystal lighting production, with skills honed to his that indomitable and a pair of capable hands and hard work, start a company. Now has an annual output value of 70 million yuan, the export of the $3 million in zhejiang China lighting Co., LTD, crystal droplight into the country's great hall of the people. For example FuBaoCai teach students of China academy of fine arts, start a craft art studio; LvXiaoXing students in hangzhou foreign trade products company do joint venture, the income not less than 500000, realize the goal of education enriching people. crystal box The professional skills in the grand meeting. In-MaFei monarch, JinJunQin in zhejiang province the sixth craft art skill game won the first prize, HuangChu respectively won the second prize. Students attend "the first long triangle outdoor the sketch" scene "1 first prize, second prize 3 people. 09, 10 years province three people skills competition and won the first prize, four people won the second prize. The school also has successfully held and ZheShiDa academy of fine arts and crafts exhibition student teacher painting exhibition, student graduation exhibition, 03, 04, for three years in the city of vocational education achievement presentation of jinhua won the first prize, 06 years be selected to attend vocational education exhibition in zhejiang province.
      Characteristic industrial cultural orientation, the solid specialized training, flexible project teaching, the numerous partners, have more simulation or the training base of the whole, which led to the professional construction. Actually the blue-collar, we always, zhejiang to create first-class professional education to greater efforts.
Author:Pujiang MingHuang crystal handicraft factory
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