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The east China sea, make the rich "crystal"

      Crystal, glittering and translucent, multicolored nature of the magical creation, let the east China sea of the ancient land has contained the rich wondered whether the infinite. Early in the early 90 s, DongHaiXian just around the crystal this one characteristic resources, start introducing "marketing" concept, do light crystal business card, do the optimal industry, promote from east China sea "hometown of crystal" to "crystal" leap.
      After the development of the east China sea crystal trip, the east China sea county wei secretary GuanYongJian said, in ascension "quantity" and "quality" leap in the course of development of science, the east China sea crystal success realization "from workshop to company type, type from ChanPinXing to industry type, from extensive to intensive, from FuShuXing to pillar, from OuYuXing to international" historically. With "crystal" for the pronoun of silicon resources of the east China sea, become the development characteristics of the east China sea resources economy "ace" and pride.
      DongHaiXian has 1500 square kilometers in the area of the regional store is rich in crystal and quartz, quartz reserves of about 300 million tons, crystal reserves of about 300000 tons, accounting for 70% of the storage capacity above, crystal gifts silicon content reaches as high as 99.99%, reserves and quality all ranks the first in China. The last century by the middle of 90, in the east China sea crystal especially accessories processing, take still is extensive family "small mill" production mode. As to break the traditional business model, some "tao jing" people staged scenes of adventure saga. "The crystal glasses king" zhou Ming took $50000 since, to Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, more than 20 countries across four continents inspection, master the global resources of information distribution crystal authority. Regent crystal handicraft product limited company is not content to set up sales agency in several countries, the breakthrough "box", becomes the first get Madagascar mining right enterprise. At present, the east China sea has more than 2000 crystal processing enterprise, forming a production capacity of 20 million pieces of crystal ornaments, 5 million a crystal handicraft production scale, crystal volume exceeding 7 billion RMB yuan, there are 200000 people "tao jing" the team every five people in one "eat crystal rice". There are 6000 people in the east China sea overseas procurement army in Madagascar, Brazil about for years, Pakistan, Vietnam, South Africa, Zambia, Russia and other countries of origin of the crystal, "tao jing" pus, become the only set crystal processing and sales as one of the JuSanDe.
      Crystal become the benefit big industries.
      "Last year received in total, 450000 from people in amounted to 4.03 billion yuan, the market business the radiation and Occident, Korea and Japan, southeast Asia, and other countries and regions, into exports accounted for more than 40% of the total amount of the market." DongHaiXian crystal market is responsible for tourists XuXueYan receptionist said. East China sea crystal market, already in China's most brand value 50 strong commodity market.
      As a special card of the east China sea, how to effectively protect and make "the east China sea crystal" brand? DongHaiXian given the answer is: not only only by building a special sales crystal market, and also embarked on "the east China sea crystal" geographical indication products for protection. In October 2007, the "east sea crystal" HuoPing national geographic indication protection products, and the east China sea crystal clear from drilling to product protection scope, technical process, product quality, product quantity, crystal laser  mark labels, packaging and market are united monitoring and management, the national unified regulation of special logo, and on this basis set security function. This means that, each of the east China sea crystal has its own "id". To master crystal industry "discourse", and the ministry of land and resources, China DongHaiXian treasure jade jewelry industry association cooperation, are doing the industry standard and crystal crystal product identification. And actively promote crystal museum, ShuiJingCheng, national jewels quality test center, crystal creative industry park, alibaba online ShuiJingCheng project construction.
      Talent education, let crystal light up the east China sea. At present, the east China sea has and China university of geosciences more than 10 universities such as joint school and vocational skills training, and new tourism souvenirs on design and manufacture,crystal products   crystal and seven full-time college professional. Established in jiangsu province in the east China sea of crystal culture research, to develop some crystal culture of academic research, academic exchange activities and consulting activities to cultivate crystal aspects scholar or expert personnel. At present, the east China sea already cultivate local crystal sculpture reserve talented person more than 300, has FengShouGan, LiZhen, like conclusion and a number of crystal products famous creation home.
      For display crystal culture of enduring charm, the east China sea since 1991, has successfully held the tenth international ShuiJingJie, china crystal  will also culture aesthetic concept into the crystal process in, has successfully held four sessions jiangsu province "crystal city cup" crystal handicraft competition, the first China "hundred flowers awards" crystal contest and crystal culture development peak BBS. The east China sea crystal magazine is fill in the blank of no crystal professional magazines.
      "In the world from the water have absolute industry status and discourse, create 1-2 China well-known trademark, 'ShuiJingCheng crystal east China sea gem listing, ascension' on the class of the crystal handicraft and added value, crystal box build up the world's largest professional market, accelerate the crystal to the 'yuan market' goal." GuanYong alive talked about the next step of the crystal industry development goal when it predicted.
Author:Pujiang MingHuang crystal handicraft factory
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