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Fashion crystal crystal industry chain drive ironed ablazely sell like hot cakes

      Yiwu market by sail "out to sea," crystal "spoiled" increasingly prosperous family. Crystal products from the bracelet, necklace to wait adorn article,crystal gifts  development to lamps and zodiac, furnishing articles kind of handicraft, then later melting technology and practical into a crystal vessels and household products and so on, numerous varieties.
      Along with the continuous specification category, crystal products constantly to the life and craft art many segment deepening, now of crystal products more artistic and practical value. At the same time, crystal also gradually infiltration into other related industries, crystal laser  and with the industry can grafting, which stretched industrial chain. "The crystal hot drill is one of them, very hot drilling as a kind of clothing, is by the hot drill of figure hot." According to business city of a sales of such products introduced Mr. Wu, figure hot is stuck on tape back in with hot drill Mosaic specific design, garnish with hot machine hot pressure in the clothes or shoes and hats, crystal products  bags, making process not complex, but the effect is unique, in recent years popular with "fashionable gens" favorite.
      It is reported, this drill a crystal hot developed rapidly in recent years, ChanJinHua pujiang county and the surrounding counties ironed ablazely enterprise as many as many 300, more than 20000 employees. To further regulate and promote the china crystal crystal branch operation and industry development, August 18,, zhejiang province crystal craft products association ironed ablazely professional branch established. "Crystal product process of ascension that expanded the crystal varieties, the relevant industry to bring an opportunity. In addition to open the mineral, raw materials, semi-finished products upstream, and diamond machinery, inside carving machines, CNC grinding machine, automatic equipment manufacturing industry development, such as chemical industry to outside downstream coating, the clothing industry sales and product promotion provide the conditions." Yiwu a sales chemical raw materials of Mr Zhao says, crystal box an industry development and expansion, not only to boosting the industry's upstream and downstream industry, and, as the industry segment and permeability, boosting the development of other industries.
Author:Pujiang MingHuang crystal handicraft factory
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