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From "the hometown of crystal" to "crystal"

       More than 50 years ago, northern jiangsu province is a small village zhe pond dug a weighing 3.5 tons of the "king of crystal". 32 years later, a man named ROM plug jean of americans prophecy: jiangsu east China sea will be China and even the world of the future crystal and quartz center. East China sea crystals, crystal the east China sea. This is a catching the eye of the world place.
      From the quantity to quality leap
      In October 2009, is located in the coast of the yellow DongHaiXian jiangsu will have two years of the 10   th China's international ShuiJingJie grand opening of the east China sea.
      Crystal, glittering and translucent, colorful, crystal gifts and the nature of the magical creation, let the east China sea of the ancient land has contained the infinite rich wondered whether. Early in the early 90 s, DongHaiXian around the characteristic resources, start introducing "marketing" concept, do light crystal business card, do the optimal industry, promote from east China sea "hometown of crystal" to "crystal" leap.
      Crystal festivals in the east China sea. Now, as long as the world has crystal mining place, have the footprint of the east China sea; As long as there is crystal transactions, crystal beautiful beautiful figure of the east China sea.
      After the development of the east China sea crystal trip, the east China sea county wei secretary GuanYongJian said, in ascension "quantity" and "quality" leap in the course of development of science, the east China sea crystal industry experiences from crystal laser  "workshop type to company type, ChanPinXing from the industry type, from extensive to intensive, from FuShuXing to pillar, from OuYuXing to the world" type of five levels of historical change.
      Crystal is in the special geological movement and water and fire in the blending of the inoculation into gems. DongHaiXian this an area to find and use of crystal resources history goes back to 10000 years ago paleolithic times, in the han dynasty has formed the preliminary processing scale. Now according to the relevant state department survey, the east China sea underground quartz reserves of about 300 million tons, crystal reserves of over 300000 tons, silica content is 99.99%, reserves and quality all ranks the first in China, has a "hometown of crystal" reputation.
      Since the beginning of the 1950 s, the east China sea crystal is maintained at 400 tons of year-600 tons, accounts for the third. To the last century by the middle of 90, in the east China sea crystal especially accessories processing, take still is extensive family "small mill" production mode. The earliest crystal necklace engaged in processing,crystal products   is known as "China crystal big sister" WuZhaoE, is to use their own table and eat old washing machine of the small workshop on engine assembly type equipment, in between two low small house began to crystal processing. After nearly 20 years of development, WuZhaoE now has not only the fixed assets of the tens of millions of yuan, also built up the covers an area of the east China sea of dozens of dragon handicraft, with four branch factory.
      According to statistics, from 1991 to 2000, 10 years, DongHaiXian 100000 people engaged in crystal handicraft exploitation, processing and sales, by that time, almost every family to offer "small mill", the products mostly with crystal necklace, crystal heart left, crystal glasses give priority to. Like ShiXinHua, FengShouGan, zhou Ming, YuanTangGui, PangYouXia, crystal handicraft management also has been large initial production necklace "small mill" started, now have of the famous company. From small mill to a family enterprise company's metamorphosis, china crystal reflects the east China sea crystal industry the prospect of vigorous prosperity. By the end of 2008, the development of the east China sea crystal and silicon resources of the size of the processing enterprise of more than 2000 home, there are certain scale of the company to have 500, form the production capacity of 20 million pieces, 5 million pieces of jewelry crystal crystal handicraft ability of scale. The east China sea of crystal volume exceeding 3 billion RMB yuan, employees 200000 people, crystal processing production enterprise to many 500.
Do ShuiJingJie polished brand
      Since 1991, the east China sea has successfully held nine th China · ShuiJingJie east China sea.
Culture DaTai, crystal act in an opera. "Now, the east China sea crystal more and more. The past crystal precious according to tons or kg to sell,crystal box now sold by the gram, is the past thousands of times, that kind of rare HuangFaJing gold prices even more expensive than a lot of times." East China sea county wei secretary GuanYong alive to the media in an interview.
      In order to cherish the east China sea crystal sources, in recent years the east China sea strict mining, processing and marketing "permit" system, at the same time integration close behind small mill, small business conditions, and promote the science of limited resources rationally.
      The east China sea, the human outstanding earth deities. Crystal to write about how much land legend. Look back at the history of the development of crystal, today's crystal is the new century of east China sea deducing across dream.
Author:Pujiang MingHuang crystal handicraft factory
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