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Crystal collection beyond fashion

      As a kind of intermediate gem crystal in the market, had been standing in the cutting edge of fashion. When it comes to crystal curiosa of collection, a lot of people don't know much, but crystal but to his unique charm won many buyers of favor,crystal gifts especially after 2004, the collection level and crystal crystal market rallied and prices soared, showing the crystal as a unique collection of various development prospects. The current market value of collection is crystal collection about three kinds, one kind is antique crystal, the second is crystal handicraft, the third type is the crystal stone.
      Antique crystal is concerned, the history of human use crystals have hundreds of thousands of years, like the neolithic crystal products to now basically is priceless. crystal laser  Because the hardness of crystal is very high, in ancient times by technological means the limit, mining and processing difficulty are very big, and whether the or the number of handed down from ancient times is extremely scarce, extremely has the collection value.
      From collect Angle for, collects modern crystal handicraft want to see the quality of a material to see carved. Good crystal handicraft, material quality of a material to pure, and sleek, glittering and translucent. Some crystal itself contains some special inclusions,crystal products  again by skillful craftsman's elaborate carve, often produce "turn a decayed for magical" the effect. Second, we need to see processing technology. Good crystal handicraft should be fastidious fine, we not only need to fully show the beauty of crystal products, and maximize the dig out its inner beauty.
      A be called art of modern crystal handicraft is natural and human power of dual crystallization, already can display of the miracle of nature, china crystal also can show processing the makers of superb artistry, usually value also does not poor, and with high value of collection.
      Crystal the original stone has certain value to the collection, and collected more simple, general as long as modelling, colour, design, and inclusions, dramatically even size was a bit features or the advantage and collection. crystal box So there are many crystal collectors are also keen. Of course in these several aspects of the advantage, the collection value nature also higher.
Author:Pujiang MingHuang crystal handicraft factory
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