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Crystal handicraft development prospects

      Our country crystal glass has a long history, crystal gifts and its technology and process and the Czech republic, Italy, France, Austria, countries, still have a large gap. And in pujiang this only 380000 people XiaoXian the projectile, after 18 years of development, has become China's biggest crystal glass handicraft products processing base and distributing center of raw materials, is to challenge the gap.
      Pujiang crystal industry, is from a small crystal glass bead start. crystal laser  In 1984, a village in the field of farmers under the guidance of the teacher, the first crystal bead gardens grinding factory, for the field of crystal lamps factory provides add-ons. Due to the mill bead, the equipment is simple, the technique is easy, within a few years in the local township blossom everywhere, become a rich hill farmers shortcuts. After 90 s, along with the grinding bead amount has increased dramatically, the local people realize that can do and crystal lamps factory. crystal products  So from semi-finished product to the finished product, the local crystal industry on a new level. In the mid 90 s, the local people use of "art" in the foundation of basic skills in painting and calligraphy, from making crystal glass the 12 Chinese little sailing boat, arts and crafts, to gradually master "grind, pressure, and blow, pull, burn, casting, engraving and" such as technology, making the rich jiangnan amorous feelings crystal handicraft.
     Here are the crystal glass enterprise of more than 380, practitioners are above 30000, the annual business crystal glass material twenty thousand tons,china crystal   formed the crystal glass beads, crystal lamps, crystal glass handicraft three series, kinds of products. With the lighting more than 85% from the pearl river, more than half of crystal glass products also are from here. Crystal handicraft because the national wide set technology, and constantly introduce the composition and ingenious modelling chic new products, peaches American,crystal box  South Korea, Russia, Japan, and other overseas market and exports account for 45% of the total in the crystal handicraft.
      Yiwu better grain handicraft factory is industry has been in the top of the leadership of the industry.
Author:Pujiang MingHuang crystal handicraft factory
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