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East China sea crystal gifts popular

      August 8, DongHaiXian China crystal gifts before the city seven months turnover reached 1.9 billion yuan, a record.
      DongHaiXian quartz crystal, the reserves and grade are ranks the first in China, and have the largest crystal trading market, at present there are about more than 20 ten thousand people engaged in mining, processing and sales of crystal, crystal gifts the annual output is more than ten billion yuan RMB. The county is also China's jewelry and jade jewelry association of land and resources jewelry jade ornaments management center for China's jewelry evaluation jade ornaments characteristic industrial base.
      According to introducing, the 10 th "China's east China sea international ShuiJingJie" will be held in October, is the largest in the history of a session. Crystal industry in our country has more than ten years of development history, compared with the European and American countries even though time is very short, but development speed is amazing. crystal laser  In the whole jewelry industry, relative diamond for, crystal cheaper, and more abundant than the color of the emerald. So love by consumer. In recent years, all kinds of treasures in consumption, crystal was significantly increased the proportion of consumption tendency, the size of the market has to nearly $one hundred billion.
      The ShuiJingJie will launch a new activity plate, around "crystal color world, FuRuDongHai" do's day the theme, "international direction, five to linkage, the market operation, the whole people to participate in an" for running section principle to "crystal as media, promote the east China sea, for real, boost investment development" for running the show, in Beijing, guangzhou, nanjing the three places to hold press conferences, invite the national mainstream media come into China crystals, the home of the east China sea, the provincial capital, focus on 30 television ShuiJingJie, east China sea princess model contest held crystal, walked into the holding of the first Beijing international crystal, exposition, walked into Shanghai held "charm crystal better life" crystal products international crystal culture peak BBS, in "east China first hot spring" hot spring resort located DongHaiXian hold international hot spring culture peak BBS in the nationwide solicitation ShuiJingJie mascot, in one thousand, the national one hundred a sigh crystal calligraphic works and works collection, one hundred a famous arias crystals, crystal handicraft grand prix, the crystal girl "performing on stage a series of activities, such as east China sea comprehensive deduce the deep connotation and crystal culture infinite glamour.
      At present, DongHaiXian engaged in crystal and silicon resources processing size enterprise nearly 3000, achieve output of more than 5 billion yuan in,china crystal the county has already formed the production capacity of 20 million pieces of crystal jewelry, 5 million a crystal handicraft, 40000 tons of silica powder, 15000 tons of crystal sand, 10000 tons of quartz laguan and 150 million only the production scale of quartz glass lamps. Crystal product variety, various many, the main products are crystal jewelry, crystal handicraft, crystal daily necessities, crystal skulls, ornamental, crystal crystal lamps, dozens of types, hundreds of varieties, crystal box become unique Chinese jewels industry base.
Author:Pujiang MingHuang crystal handicraft factory
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