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Crystal open door to get rich

      September 11, more than 9 o 'clock in the morning bell, jiangsu province DongHaiXian fair have thronged. Have the inquiry, find a buyer, have come to crystal gifts see the market, simple booth a next to a, have sold the crystal pendant, sell crystal handicraft.
      East China sea crystal, reputable, crystal reserves of more than 300000 tons, purity of 99.99% above, contain area of 1500 square kilometers. Around the characteristic resources of the east China sea, by the crystal of a buying and selling connected world market, as the world crystal distribution center, small crystal open the door in the country to get rich.
      In DongHaiXian QuYang township ZhaoZhuangCun crystal laser see 50 ZhangXinTao, she was our yard look crystal materials. "In 2007 I to the somebody else works, to Madagascar acquisitions. The next year I crystal materials and friends going it alone, the recipient to raw materials shipped back to domestic sales." In recent years the east China sea make full use of overseas crystal resources, many travel to all over the world of crystal "tao jing". ZhangXinTao said, now back and forth every year of Madagascar as many as 200 people. The army has 6000 people overseas purchase.
      "Didn't do business, raw material purchase before by do simple crystal sales, the annual net income of ten thousand yuan, only three or four to overseas' tao jing" although hard, but ready, a year can have hundreds of thousands or even millions of yuan RMB income." ZhangXinTao said. Of the road of overseas acquisition open, so that the east China sea people taste the crystal reaped the benefits of trade, more let this home of the east China sea and the world distribution of crystal had more stable sources of the raw materials.
      Haven't walked into the ZhouShouXi's door, you can hear the voice of polishing crystal. ZhouShouXi home crystal business mainly is the original stone processing. "67 years ago my house started to do big crystal sculpture. I was observed the market demand, the big handicraft, has the potential to high technical requirements and make money." ZhouShouXi said, processing of crystal can make him such common peasant a year of net income reached 100000 yuan. QuYang township party committee secretary DaiYongJie introduction, crystal products  according to "one village one products" industry planning, and QuYang township has formed the Yin crystal beads ZhuanYeCun village, revitalize the crystal ball ZhuanYeCun six crystal ZhuanYeCun processing, to drive the peasants' income.
      All over the country and abroad crystal materials pouring into the east China sea, after processing, how to flow to the country and around the world? How to grow the regional characteristic of crystal industry? East China sea walked out of a ZhuanYeCun and professional market pathway. DongHaiXian support county supply in 1992 built crystal market. DongHaiXian supply and marketing cooperative, director of XuXing jiang is suing, said last year that DongHaiXian crystal market turnover of more than 4 billion yuan. Changing the traditional sales model, china crystal the introduction of electronic business affairs is crystal sales new pathway. XuXing JiangJieShao, at the end of last year, DongHaiXian crystal market and alibaba group signed the strategic framework for electronic commerce cooperation agreement to the world, promote the east China sea crystal brand, thrusting crystal industry transformation and upgrading of further.
      The east China sea is famous for crystal, because crystal and development, because the crystal and rich, the key is to form the raw material purchase, the original stone processing, product sales crystal clear division, level variety of a complete industry chain, crystal box all over the world gathered together the crystal stone of the east China sea, carry on the processing carve, and selling to around the country, and the buying and selling let the donghai world crystal distribution center position increasingly strengthening
Author:Pujiang MingHuang crystal handicraft factory
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